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Shieldex® – the strong brand of Statex

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Muscle Stimulation

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Effectiveness & Function

The Shieldex ® Mask-Pouch comes with a highly antimicrobial and 99,9% pure silver metallized textile, which prevents the proliferation of microbes on the silver surface. 

Turned inside out, the mask can be easily inserted into the mask pouch and disinfects itself during the time the mask is not in use. 

The inner material has been used for silver-plated dressings and plasters for burn and chronic wounds in hospitals around the world for over 20 years and is OEKO-TEX® certified. Thus it can even come into contact with baby skin.

New innovation!


No more crumpled-up face masks in your handbag or pants pocket! Mouth-nose masks are worn every day, constantly touched and hardly ever washed – a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. The consequences of incorrect storage can include skin blemishes or even bacterial infections in the respiratory tract. Stay safe with Shieldex® Mask-Pouches.

Protects from germs and other contaminations

• Ideal for all face masks
• Slim design: Fits in every trousers pocket
• Individual embossing on front and back possible


• Antibacterial
• Anti odor
• Self-disinfecting
• Protection from multiplication of germs
• Safe storage of the cloth face mask

The practical storage bag protects the face mask from dirt and other contaminants. Self-disinfecting, practical and handy, the mouth-nose protection is safely stored in the Shieldex® Mask-Pouch. The mask can be stored for an indefinite time due to the unique quality of the mask pouch.


Shieldex® Technology

The worldwide unique 3D metallization process, in which each individual filament is completely metallized, distinguishes our Shieldex® products from others and thus enables the ideal utilization of the various metal properties in textile form.

Shieldex® – the strong brand of Statex

Statex presents its Shieldex® products

Companies and Research groupes from around the Globe use Shieldex® products for innovative applications in different fields. The shielding effect of Silver is used for data protection and reduction of electomagnetic radiation. Conductive silverized Yarns enable the integration of microtechnology into textiles.

and Yarns


End Products


Silver can do more

Silver is versatile and opens up new possibilities for a variety of applications in industrial manufacturing processes. The positive properties of silver and why we distinguish ourselves from nanosilver can be found in the following points.

A perfect match:
Silver and polyamide
The polyamide gives the yarn strength and elasticity, while silver offers the following properties.
Uniqueness ensures success
Our unique silver plating process characterizes our Shieldex® products. The silver is directly rooted into the polyamide. Therefor Shieldex® products have an increased abrasion resistance compared to competitive products.
Quality control
Sustainability is very important for our company. One of the core values in our business philosophy is to strive for sustainable technologies and production processes.
Our commitment is to sustainable for technologies, facilities and operations. This is anchored in our core principles.
Textile Conducting Paths

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Statex for studies

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