Statex is the world leader in silver-finished panel products

Under its own brand Shieldex®, the metallized yarns, fabrics, fibers, zippers and more are offered. The unique metallization process characterizes the Shieldex® products and enables a high load capacity as well as electrical conductivity.

The name Statex is derived from the first product, silver-plated nylon yarns and fibers for permanent antistatic in carpets. Over the years, the metallization process has been extended to textiles, which is now the main focus of the company.
All over the world, manufacturers of finished products are supplied with the silver-plated textiles.

The high conductivity of silver-plated textiles is used in the smart textiles, automotive and high-tech industries.

Since silver has an antibacterial effect, silver-plated textiles are also used in the medical field. Another characteristic of metallized textiles is electromagnetic shielding, which is used in the form of EMC shielding tents for test and development laboratories.

Due to the high application fields of metallised textiles, customer-specific products are also produced and developed in close contact with customers.

In 2016, the company was honored with the Schütting Prize for Innovations in SMEs for its constant adaptation to the market and its ability to innovate.