Smart Textiles

Smart Textiles can do anything!

There is nothing smart textiles cannot do! The intelligent fabrics are conductive, capture vital signs, stimulate, alert, shine, heat and much more. There are no limits for applications as Shieldex® products enable researchers and developers to connect the advantages of both fields -electronics and textiles. Suddenly, high-tech-products become flexible and elastic, while textiles start to carry functions due to technical integration.

You probably already know that you can find Shieldex® products in many products of daily life. In the morning when it is still cold outside and you switch on your seat heating in your car, most certainly you are going to think of us. Whether seat heating or regular clothes, textiles of any kind can become heat sources.

Our products make textiles shine! Did you ever wonder, how illuminating clothes work? We provide the answer! Clothes stay elastic and flexible, an optimal mixture to stimulate the designers creativity.

We are also involved in sensor technology. Shieldex® textile sensors offer costumer specific adaptability in regard to design, dimension as well as to sensibility. For example, they are able to record force and pressure, that way they are able to adjust prosthesis, counteract decubitus or perceive touches. These properties enable us to be the interface between human and touchpad. The purpose of our conductor tracks is the flexible and targeted power and voltage supply, the signal transmission and the heat dissipation.

Smart textiles also act as actuators and transform signals in movements of any kind. In this way muscles can be stimulated. By a targeted stimulus of the pain fibers on the skin surface phantom limb pains can be engaged and chronically sick persons can be treated. Furthermore, we are involved in wound-monitoring-projects, where the healing process of an open wound is controlled by a sensor.

Intelligent textiles are also becoming increasingly important for the sports industry. Do you know the simulation-suits from sport studios, in which muscle stimulation increases muscle growth?
Amazing how often you have already got in contact with our products, isn´t it? This shows, how intelligent our smart textiles are!

This is only a fraction of the options. Smart textiles offer unlimited possibilities. We only have to catch them by our ideas. So talk to us! We will find a way to kickstart your applications and innovations!

*Photo with glove: Tactile Glove CITEC, Bielefeld Universität