A perfect match: silver and polyamide!

The polyamide gives the yarn strength and elasticity, while silver offers the following properties:

  • best electric conductor
  • best thermal conductor
  • antibacterial
  • fungicide
  • odor-inhibiting
  • anti-static
  • kind to the skin
  • shielding against electromagnetic waves

Interesting for the medicine and clothing industry.

Due to its various properties a wide range of applications of our products has opened up. On one hand they are very interesting for the medicine industry, because of the wound-healing impact. The electrical conductivity enables future-oriented applications for smart textiles or other high end applications. Thanks to a balance of light weight and elasticity there are no limits for new developments in the technical industry!

We are involved in various projects of the medicine, sensors technology, actuator technology, smart textiles as well as RF shielding for data protection or laboratory works.