Shieldex® Safety Pouches

Shieldex® Pouches
Shieldex® Safety Pouches facilitate the work of the police, security services and military: our Shieldex® Safety Pouches shield the mobile phone inside from contact with the addressed terminal and therefore prevent communication and data manipulation.
Data’s cannot be received or sent. So the police can use the device as categorical evidence. For laptops and tablets there are correspondingly larger pouches and cases, which provide data security and serve as protection against data misuse and from electromagnetic radiation. The advantage of our Shieldex® Safety Pouches lies in their flexibility: immediately on the scene police and security services can identify and secure potentially valuable evidence. This has the result that no unnecessary time is lost. For detailed information and data sheets please contact our sales department.

Our distributor partners are:
EMshield GmbH located in Grasbrunn
MH Service GmbH located in Karlsruhe