Shieldex® Knitted Fabrics

Knitted fabrics are offered in various weights and textures including both knits, and elastic knits with single (SD) or double direction DS) stretch as well as some woven forms. These fabrics are usually silver plated only, with 99% silver (Ag) and available with an anti-tarnish coating (+B).

Silver is a natural antimicrobial treatment that limits the infections from bacteria for human and veterinarian purposes. Applications for knitted fabrics include wound dressings, compression wraps, allergen, anti-odor, fungicidal, atopic skin disorders, and thermal conductivity. Although most of the knitted fabrics are used for silver ionic release there are some that can be used for EMI / RFI applications and theatrical drapery.

Shieldex® Knitted Fabrics

Shieldex® Balingen

Shieldex® Combitex

Shieldex® Silitex

Shieldex® Medtex P70

Shieldex® Medtex P130

Shieldex® Medtex P180

Shieldex® Techniktex P130+B

Shieldex® Techniktex P180+B

Shieldex® Tüll

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