Shieldex® Cable Sleeves

Sleeves with a silver lining.

At high frequencies and extreme speeds, data is always on the move; in cables and wires, from computer to computer, from telephone to telephone.
However, it is a highly sensitive property that ought not fall into the wrong hands.
In order that data is not released and intercepted, tapped or destroyed by the high-frequency radiation of other cables, we provide specialized silver-coated shields made from our Shieldex® material. In these braided, especially lightweight sleeves, made of a flexible Polyamide of threads individually coated with a layer of silver, bundled cables and wires are protected and shielded – simple and effective.

Following sizes are available:
Shieldex® Monofil Braided Tube 6/8
Shieldex® Monofil Braided Tube 14/16