RF Shielding

EMV Statex

Shieldex® RF shielding tents for mobile solutions

Our Shieldex® RF shielding tents are the best choice for laboratory works and measurements. Our tents are portable and can be built up or taken down without any effort in short time. Testing for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) can be carried out directly at location. The expensive and complicated transportation of objects to electromagnetic test labs, usually in external institutes, become unnecessary. The size of the tent will be designed related to your requirements. Even large-scale projects like the Mars Rover project of the NASA have been realized successfully.

Data protection!
Shielded mobile phone and laptop pouches from Shieldex® simplify the work of the police, military and security services around the globe: Our Shieldex® Safety Pouches shield the mobile phone or laptop from the outside world, in order to prevent any communication and data manipulation on devices. Data cannot be received or sent, thus the police can use the device as an unambiguous evidence.
The automotive “keyless go” technology, locking and unlocking the car in an electromechanical way, offers the possibility of a thievery. Within a certain range around the user, the key communicates with the car. This signal can be intercepted, and the car could be opened by a thief. Our Shieldex® Safety Pouches disrupt the communication to prevent car thefts.
In the modern world, data protection is a very important issue. Our braided sleeves cable tubes protect cables and wires against data abuse. They are well suited as cable coating because of its elasticity and flexibility.

Technical applications
EMC shielding tents for test labs, automotive and Space industry.
Shielded cable sheating.
Shielded materials for the construction of bugproof rooms.
Shielding pockets for car keys and credit cards prevent the data being read by thieves.