Our Shieldex® EMC shielding Enclosures are the best choice for laboratory testing and measurements. Due to their flexible and light laboratories, our tents are portable and can be setup or taken down without any effort in a short time.

Testing for electromagnetic compatibility can be carried out directly at your location. The expensive and complicated transportation of objects to electromagnetic test labs, usually in external institutions, becomes unnecessary.

The size as well as the fabric (e.g. Shieldex® Nora Dell, Zell, Berlin) and configuration of the tent will be designed related to your requirement. Your Shieldex® product can come with required ventilation, power panels, filter box, frames and is cleanroom compatible to A300 (Class 1000). Even large-scale projects like the ‚Mars Rover‘ project for NASA and for OHB have been realized successfully.

With our in-house tent production we are able to design the product completely according to your needs. From the size of a table tent for laboratories to the complete covering of a satellite, we have already successfully produced many sizes. Also with regard to the shielding performance to be achieved, we are flexible in material selection and layer thickness, depending on your requirements.

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High sensitive electronic devices

Computer and Cell Phone Forensics

Electromagnetic Allergy/ Electro Smog Testing cars, satellites, computers and control systems

Used by major companies in the aerospace (NASA, OHB), automotive industries and military field


⋅ Cost effective

· Portable and space saving

· Flexible and light laboratories

· Hand- and custom made

· In-house studio

· Made in Germany

Technical Specification

Conductive woven fabric for RF tents and pouches

Description of material
Ni/Cu/Ag plated Nylon fabric (RS)

Shielding Effectiveness
Average up to 95 dB from 300 MHz to 10 GHz

Temperature range
-40 °C to 90 °C

Set-up & Configuration

· Air conditioning system

· Lighting availability

· Anti-interference filtering system

· Adapter panel with adapters for
connecting RF cables

· Adapters for inputting optical lines

· Panel for connecting type-N and SMA
RF cables