Statex will present its products at the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, Germany, from the 19. – 21. November 2019 at booth L35.

At the Space Tech Expo Europe manufacturers and suppliers meet for the aerospace industry. With its Shieldex® products, Statex presents the solution for lightweight, flexible, shielding and highly electrically conductive textiles that can be installed in aircraft, satellites or space station and many more. Come to booth L35 and learn about the use of Shieldex® products in the aerospace industry.

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Statex is honored as a family-friendly company

The compatibility of work and family is important to us!

As a family business, we know how important the combining word and family life is. The better you can connect the two, the happier you are both in your private and professional life. That’s why we attach great importance to compatibility and make it public.

We are from Impulsgeber Zukunft e. V. 2019 was awarded as a family-friendly company.

This includes improving the conditions for a work-life balance of our employees. Through the auditing process, we work continuously to promote the reconciliation of work and family life.

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New product innovation: Partial silverization on stretchable fabrics

In contrast to the previously known technology, in which structures on the fabric have been realized by removal of already plated silver in the fabric, we are now able to map only the required structure of the respective trace or the heating coil and metallize these parts instead of the whole fabric. This method is significantly more resource efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our partial metallization technology enables us to map customer-specific forms of sensors, patch antenna systems, bus line systems, heating coils and capacitive sensors on flexible, ductile material to integrate them into their applications.

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Statex will speak on the World Textile Information Network (WTiN) on 15 October 2019 in Amsterdam

Britta Moritzer talks about the new innovation at Statex: Textile Electrodes. The advantages of the new technology are discussed and relevant applications are mentioned.

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Statex will speak at the Smart-Textile-Workshop
on 4 June 2019 in Weimar

Sven Böhmer talks about textile electrodes and their advantages. Due to their ductility, flexibility and high conductivity, the textile electrodes are becoming increasingly important. In medical applications, such as sensors or actuators, textile electrodes are increasingly being used. They have a high wearing comfort, an ideal fit and are washable, sterilizable and therefore reusable.

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Statex at the Techtextil in Frankfurt

Visit us from May 14th to May 17th, 2019 at Techtexil at our exhibition stand F25 in hall 4.1. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Statex receives the seal
“Innovative through research”

The wissenschaftsstatistik of the Stifterverband annually collects data on research and experimental development (R&D) of the German Business enterprise sector.

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Statex is part of the Smart-Textiles Symposium 2018 in Dornbirn

Sven Böhmer gives a lecture at the Smart-Textiles Symposiums 2018 on: Surveillance and prevention through textile electrodes.

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Statex at WearableTechnology Show 2018

„Collab between @ZskTechEmbroid & Statex conductive yarn to stitch #wearable circuits @Wearabletecshow What will nextgen #fashiontech designers dream up in their collections? #WTS2018„

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„You can’t get much more wearable tech than @ZskTechEmbroid. Plenty of opportunities with stitching in your own circuits! #WTS2018„

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Project vulnusMON: an intelligent wound dressing

Statex is one partner in the project vulnusMON. The aim of this project is to combine a wound dressing and sensors in order that the wound dressing itself can inform in advance automatically when there is the need for replacement.

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Statex goes to Hollywood!

“Second skin is an ongoing project addressing the body as a canvas for technology.” Our Shieldex® products are part of this project and enable to establish the technology into the textile.

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Munic Fabric Start – Statex developed an electrical conductive embroidery yarn in coperation with Madeira and ZSK

“Electronic embroidery, or e-broiderey is one way of integrating conductive metallic threads on/into textiles to create soft circuits, turning the fabric itself into electronic hardware while maintaining the flexible, drapable, and even washable characteristics of cloth.”

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Fashion-Project “Stealth Wear” for privacy protection – based on shielding Shieldex®fabrics

The designer Adam Harvey created a collection for protecting the privacy. By using the shielding fabrics of statex the body´s own thermal radiation is reflected and the body heat is hardly seen by thermal imaging cameras.

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Statex supports aid programs in Somalia with antibacterial SilverBuddys

Two men from Bremen traveled on their own to Somalia to help small communities dealing with hunger and deseases.

Statex supports these two men by donating antibacterial SilverBuddys. SilverBuddys are fabrics which kill bacteria on the contact surface. This lowers the possibility from bacteria induced deseases.



Tactile dataglove with fabric-based sensors

The video displays a wearable tactile dataglove with 54 tactile cells allowing natural manual interactions to be captured.

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