Muscle Stimulation

Statex silver textiles for your fitness

Muscle Stimulation: You could not imagine modern Gyms and Sports lounges without them anymore. Electrodes that stimulate your muscles in medium frequency range and support the contraction of every single muscle during your workout. This technology used to be reserved for professional athletes and it is now found in almost every Gym worldwide.

Silver textiles from Statex offer the optimal base material for those electrodes. Due to the flexibility and high conductivity, our products have been successfully applied to many manufacturers of these “Muscle suits” since 2011. We have accompanied the development since the beginning and have steadily improved our products. With our latest development in 2017, we once again reached to the top of the market. Our Silitex material is available in several customer specific versions, whether as a fully laminated silver-plated fabric, which is surrounded on both sides by a highly conductive silicone layer thus combines strong hydrophobic and technical properties, or as a silvered stretch fabric which is lined on one side with our highly conductive silicone and thus affects both, the skin contact and the connection to the suit. Due to the special coating, our electrodes are washable and fulfill the requirements for modern flexible electrodes.

Alternatively, there is also a new development with our partner ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH for a brass-embroidered electrode which has already used in many applications, especially in the technology, sports, and fashion.

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*Suit on Photo: ANTELOPE SUIT, Wearable Life Science GmbH: