Silver heals!

With its anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties, silver is also of interest to the medical industry. Silver-coated fabrics are used as natural and effective healers. The healing process is accelerated especially for open wounds and skin irritations like atopic eczema or acne – the silver coated covering prevents the material from sticking to the wound.

Silver kills bacteria, thereby enhances wound healing, soothing and healing the skin. For the treatment of chronic deseases, silver plated textiles are integrated into clothes and beddings. People, who react sensitive to RF-radiation, can also protect themselves with Shieldex materials. Wallpapers or baldachins can offer an additional reduction of radiation.
We pay great attention on quality! We dissociate ourselves from harmful nanosilver and focus exclusively on pure silver, which is environmentally friendly and completely harmless for humans.

Medical applications
Our coated material is used in wound dressings (human and veterinary medicine).
Silver threads are used as conductive and antibacterial solutions in research projects on wound monitoring for the permanent measurement of vital parameters on the patient’s wound.
Silverized prosthesis attachments support the body’s electrical field and help relieve phantom pain.
Coating of patches to promote wound healing.
Silver-coated water filter cartridges for the hygienic treatment of drinking water tanks and baths.
Silver threads or silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin in the antimicrobial finishing of textiles, thus preventing unpleasant odors. We supply manufacturers of diabetic clothing, allergic clothing and also manufacturers of clothing for radiation-sensitive persons.