Statex answer to electrosensitivity:

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, resulting in a variety of symptoms such as headache, sleep disorders or general health issues.

Those who are affected by EHS report adverse reactions to electromagnetic fields at intensities well below the maximum levels permitted by international safety standards.

Statex is willing to help everybody with EHS to regain a better life. Therefor we invested and set up our own atelier where we are able to develop individual solutions for every patients need. Our Product line offers shielded wallpapers or curtains to protect whole rooms, canopies and bed sheets manufactured with the same shielded material that usually goes into aviation and aero space technology.

We are proud to present our own fashion collection, which is not only functional but very comfortable and affordable for everybody. If you want to get further information, please visit our new shop: www.silverell.de