Hygienic Wipe


Antibacterial fabric due to 99,9 % pure silver.

Naturally self-disinfecting due to the released silver ions.

Effective in wet and dry conditions.

Sustainable, washable and reusable.

Thanks to the Shieldex® Hygienic Wipe, you can touch everyday objects without risk and your hands can be cleaned from viruses and bacteria. By rubbing the wipe, the germs are absorbed by the textile and can no longer multiply on the 99.9% pure silver surface of the Shieldex® Hygienic Wipe.

Handy all-rounder in daily situations

The Shieldex® Hygienic Wipe is a smart solution to avoid touching door handles, pin pads and shopping carts. In addition, it removes germs from your everyday objects such as cell phone displays, wallets and keys.