Hygienic Gloves


Pure Silver

To minimize infection routes via smear or contact infections, there is a new innovation from Statex: Shieldex® hygienic gloves.

In addition to aerosol transmission, numerous bacterial and viral pathogens are spread via contact surfaces as the Viruses and bacteria can survive on surfaces such as doorknobs and handles for several days.

Protect yourself from contact transmission with Shieldex® Hygiene Gloves metallized with 99.9% pure silver.


Moreover, the Hohenstein Institute confirms the antibacterial effect of the processed material. The material contains no artificial chemicals and is therefore also suitable for baby skin according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 1.

For the good of the environment

Do not use conventional latex gloves as these not only leave your hands damp and swollen, but also end up in the trash after a single use.

Our Shieldex® Antibacterial Hygiene Gloves are washable and disinfect themselves naturally due to the silver* so you can use the gloves multiple time.

*Silver is a biocidal active ingredient according to §67 EU Biocide Regulation.