Shieldex® Non-Wovens

Shieldex® non woven fabrics, modified with silver, copper,nickel or tin, are successfully applied in the field of electromagnetic shielding.

Shieldex® Knitted Fabrics

Silver-coated fabrics are of interest to the medical and textile industries among others thanks to their anti-bacterial effect.

Shieldex® Woven Fabrics

We plate Shieldex® fabrics throughout with 99% pure silver and apply additional coating – depending on the field of application – with copper, nickel or tin.

Various applications

As the global market leader in the silver coated fabric industry, we refine woven, knitted and non-woven fabrics with 99 percent silver, but also with copper, nickel and tin. A refinement of a combination of these metals is also possible. Whether antibacterial clothing and home textiles, technical shielding fabrics or for medical purposes: The applications of our Shieldex® fabrics are diverse.

For our products, we use only pure silver with a purity of at least 99 percent and deliberately distance ourselves from harmful nanosilver!

Do you have specific requirements? Then we will gladly develop a tailor-made product for your individual application. Contact our sales team via the contact form.