End Products

Shieldex® RFID curtains

Shieldex® RIFD curtains are used in ware- and stockhousing for the attenuation of RFID signals for better data management in regard to faulty frequency scanning.

Shieldex® Hygienic Products

Silver has an antibacterial and fungicidal effect – these properties can be found in our Shieldex® Hygiene Products – innovative and effective!

Shieldex® Safety Pouches – we shield you from EMF

Shieldex® Safety Pouches facilitate the work of the police, security services and military: our Shieldex® Safety Pouches shield the mobile phone inside from contact with the addressed terminal and therefore prevent communication and data manipulation.

RF-Shielding Tents

Companies can realize significant cost savings during their production processes by using our flexible and portable Shieldex® RF shielding tents. Wherever precision measurements concerning electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are carried out, these RF shielding tents come into play.